The mission of this organization is simple. Our goal is to listen to our clients’ needs and provide them with professional, high-quality architectural services. Adherence to the construction budget and fulfillment of project scheduling and deadlines are also integral parts of our goals. The end result is professionalism and satisfied clients.

"Every project is different. Regardless of its complexity, each project presents new challenges in design and production. We strive to create quality products in a timely fashion, with our clients' needs being the focus of our efforts."

Robert Kennedy, Tiseo Project Manager


Founded in 1980, Tiseo has a history of high quality architecture based on attention to detail.


The Architectural firm of Tiseo Architects, Inc. was established in 1980 by Ben Tiseo to provide professional services to the building-construction industry. The corporation administers a wide range of projects and provides services which are available throughout all phases of project development, from consultation and pre-design to post construction services. The firm was known as Tiseo & Associates, Inc. from 1980 to 1996.


In 1996 Tiseo Associates, Inc. merged with Redstone Architects to form the firm Redstone Tiseo Architects with Ben Tiseo as president and C.O.O.


In May of 1998, Ben Tiseo resurrected his old firm, which is now known as Tiseo Architects, Inc. Ben, as president of this firm, has maintained a hands on approach to each project, with his attention to project detail.

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